Player No & Games Played

Cherryatrics Badge No and Games played;
Current as at 3 March 2016.

Cherryatrics Player Nos Games Ver 21 - to March 2016.pdf

The Cherryatrics want to celebrate the contribution of all players and people that are associated with the club.  The Club was started in 2008 and played their first games at the Gold Coast in 2009 - those players and officials have been given the numbers 1 to 24 inclusive. 

The number 1(one) badge was presented to Steve Woolford who's idea it was to enter a team.


Every time a new person plays his first game for the club he receives from Steve Woolford a Cherryatric keyring badge, with his number engraved on the back. 

We track the games played and the Gold Coast Tours that all players have undertaken.  Those players that have made five tours have been presented with a certificate of appreciation for making the effort.